Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Place Cards with Dana

Hi! Dana Tatar here today sharing some place holders that I created for my Easter table. I don't usually decorate for holidays, but I do appreciate a pretty place setting! I found these bunny spools at the store and altered them a bit to fit my needs by removing everything from the spools except the super cute fuzzy bunny ears. I wrapped the center of each spool with Susan K. Weckesser patterned paper and scalloped ribbon and embellished the top of each spool with a colorful twine bow and a flower. I used the NEW Susan K. Weckesser Grunge Fun 3x4 Clear Stamp Set, sold by A Jillian Vance Design, to create small name tags, which I then added to stick pins.

This project was fun and easy. I'm looking forward to displaying these cute place holders!

Thanks for stopping by today!

~Dana Tatar - Susan K. Weckesser Creative Contributor

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

When I feel crummy…


“Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . ."

― C.S. Lewis

What a BLESSING friends are. Especially friends that LOVE chocolate chip cookies! *grin*

The door bell just ran and when I opened the door there was a cute little box. I didn't remember ordering anything thing. So, I took it back to the studio to get some scissors. A little background information here. I have been super grumpy the last few days and I felt so bad about it. Plus the more I feel bad about being grumpy, then the more teary and grumpy I seem to get. It is SO silly. I keep myself busy by trying to work on deadlines, trying out new recipes for my family, doodling my heart out; you name it I am trying to do it. But, that gets me a little frustrated to because my energy level is not even close to where it was a few months ago. I feel bad even talking about it. I was brought up in a family that you just weren’t suppose to talk about your problems, but darn it, if I am going through this, I am pretty sure that someone else has gone through this before too. I mean really. I feel SO bad for all the people out there that are sick and have to to go through different tests and trials. It really is challenging. Even the medicine that I have to take in order to get better can be SO hard on a body physically and mentally! Even just watching my hair do weird things the last week or so has almost driven me crazy!

So, any way, I guess that is why I have been a little grumpy…. at times. Not all the time. Just times. I am still smiley. And goofy…yes, I am still pretty goofy. My family can vouch for that! *grin* AND I still feel SO very blessed. Like just now!


Moments when the weight of everything is heavy on your shoulders, all of a sudden the doorbell rings and Guess What!?!?!  A AWESOME friend has sent you a amazing box of cookies! I met Stacy Croninger when she was at Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking & Creating Keepsakes. We instantly be came friends. She is such a wonderful person. It is like I have known her forever! Plus, she loves chocolate chip cookies just as much as I do! Awesome! When this came to the door, it put such a smile on my face just knowing that she was thinking of me. Thank-you Stacy! Your friendship means the world too me!


“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”

― Linda Grayson

Made with Repix (


I hope I don't sound to negative. Yes, I am grumpy at times. More then usual. BUT there is a LOT to be grateful for!


The moments I feel good, everything sparkles and looks so fresh and beautiful! We really have to SLOW DOWN and enjoy every minute of the precious time that we have on this planet. Even if sometimes it is full of aches and pains and yucky stuff, it just makes you appreciate the good even more! Heavenly Father has truly looked after me and my family. Over the last month and a half I have had a homemade card in my mailbox from  wonderful designers from all over the world each and everyday! Some of them I have known, many of them I haven’t known and a lot of them have been from Lilla Roger’s Make Art That Sells international workshop. I cant tell you how much their beautiful art and words have help support my family and I during this time! Thank-you from the bottom of my heart!


I am going to have Marcus help me and I want to string these up in the studio so I can seen them everyday. They are SO beautiful! Thank-you SO much for making me smile and for taking the time to think of me. I really can’t thank-you you enough!

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”

― Helen Keller


[A little mixed media canvas I created in order to make me SMILE using some FaberCastell.]

Thanks for being AMAZING!


Susan xo

Friday, March 13, 2015

Good Luck Canvas

Hi! Dana Tatar here today sharing a festive canvas that I created for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday. I gathered some of my favorite Susan K. Weckesser products along with Canvas Corp and Prima goodies to create this home decor piece.

I used the small heart from Susan's A Little Grunge Love Stamp Set to create the shamrock focal point. I stamped six hearts onto white cardstock, cut them out, and then layered the hearts before arranging them on a gold doily. I created mini shamrocks by cutting excess petals from paper flowers to embellish the top corners of the canvas.

I cut the letters from Susan K. Weckesser patterned paper and then outlined each letter with a green marker.

Before embellishing the canvas I sprayed it with gold mist and then stamped it with a stamp from Susan's new Grunge Fun 3x4 Stamp Set, which is available from A Jillian Vance Design. To finish the canvas I spritzed it with white mist to tone down the gold shimmer a bit.

Thanks for stopping by today!

~Dana Tatar - Susan K. Weckesser Creative Contributor

Monday, March 2, 2015

Let's Celebrate!!!

It is March 2 today! My birthday! 
Two years ago my Mum also passed away suddenly on this very day. At the time I thought how am I going to deal with this every year come my birthday. But, you know what!? It has been such a blessing! Yes, I miss my mother more then anything, but I know, with a surety that she is happy, healthy, and is having a wonderful time with my dad. She is likely getting up to mischief right at this very moment!!! *grin* That's my parents!! 

Life is SO awesome!!
 Life is so precious!
The good moments and the not so good moments!!! 
This week I invite you to join me to CELEBRATE LIFE! 

Celebrate Life Contest 
March 2 -9, 2015
Come make Card Birthday or Celebration Cards or Tags with us all week!
 We are going to have fun 'Celebrating Life'and I will have a give away at the end of the week with a box full of my favourite art goodies and some of my stamps. A Jillian Vance Design will be giving a $20 gift card too. Upload your photos to any social media sites;Our Susan K. Weckesser Inc. FB page, Instagram, Twitter ,Google+, Vine, etc. & MAKE SURE to use the hash tag #CELEBRATE. ALSO, tag me  @SusanKWeckesser so I can be sure to enter all your awesome creations into the contest. Not to mention....I want to see all your beautiful artwork too!!!! You can also take my dandy graphic above and post it to your social media sites and invite others to join!! 
Big hugs,

Susan xoxo

Oh, and Happy Birthday all you March Birthdays!!!! *smile*

♥ Happy Birthday Susan ♥

 Dana Tatar
  Susan is a huge inspiration and positive force for me. It seems like no matter what she is going through she always manages to look on the bright side, which is a character trait that I aspire to have. She makes it look so easy! I hope you have an amazing Birthday Susan!

Design Notes: I created some "balloons" with circles cut from my favorite Color Burst patterned paper. This sweet girl and "You are Awesome" sentiment stamps are from Susan's NEW Love Ya Whole Bunches 3x4 Stamp Set available from Jillian Vance Design. I stamped both the image and sentiment with black Archival Ink and colored the girl with Faber-Castell watercolor pencils.
Larissa Pittman
Happy Birthday to a truly amazing woman. You are an encouragement to me everyday. I pray your Birthday is as fabulous as you are.

 Love Ya Whole Bunches 3x4 Stamp Set available from Jillian Vance Design

Sandee Setliff and Daniella Hayes
We wish your birthday is filled with a sunshine of joys, rainbow of smiles, and rainfalls of laughter. May your day be filled with joy, wonderful gifts and goodies too.
Happy Birthday to a wonderful person who inspires us everyday with her wit, charm and wonderful personality!

Fly Away stamp set

Friday, February 27, 2015

Feeling schroomy!

Hi everyone, Sandee here today bringing you a little schroomy birthday greeting.

I have a new quest in make paper casts from everything I possibly can lay my hands on! I've been looking at stamps in a whole new way lately. Did you know you can make a mold from a stamp?...and please note, not all stamps make for good molds. I found that the mushroom stamps from What's Up Gnomey work great!

After I had made the paper casts from the molds, (go to the Arnold Grummer website to learn how to make a paper cast) I then began to work on the background of my card. Knowing I was going to get a little messy I decided to first tape off the edges of my base cardstock with some washi tape and then I went to town stamping the Splatter It background with Ranger's Mowed lawn Distress In.  ( I stamped some fern leaves but they didn't show up like I wanted them to, so I washed the surface with some water and added some splatters of Lindy's Starburst Tiffany Lou Blue. ) After I finished with the inks I simply removed the tape which gave me a nice clean edge.

You can see the background details a little better in this picture and you also see that I stamped the fern leaves on some of my handmade paper and then fussy cut them out and adhered them right on top of the stamped images that I began with. I love how it turned out!

Here's a close up of the mushrooms too ♥

Now go check out your stamps and see if you can take some to a whole new level! 
You know you want to!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Each Day is Such a Blessing!

Blesssing Bubble signed

I have been SOOOO bad at blogging the last little bit. I have to admit it is because this new journey that I started after I was diagnosed with Cancer in December has been one of the most challenging things that I have ever done. It is not only physically challenging, but it is mentally and emotionally challenging too. I had my first surgery on January the sixth. And to be honest with you the day after the surgery I felt AWESOME! So awesome in fact that I was looking for flights to go Anaheim for CHA! Yes, I must has lost my mind for a bit there. I did a lot around the house and studio and I felt SO guilty that friends and members of our church were dropping off meals for us. After all, I thought I felt perfect. Well, about seventy –two hours later ‘it’ hit me. Not only did my body hurt from surgery, but I was hit with a horrible flu and a really bad infection from the surgery its self which is never fun. Well, that forced me to be good whether I wanted to or not. I went through 4 rounds of antibiotics and likely should have been in the hospital but when I am sick I am really good at convincing my poor hubbie, Marcus, that I shouldn't be in the hospital at all.  So I laid in my bed for quite a while as more poor qirlies played movies for their mom to watch. Yup, I watched a LOT of Sponge Bob, and really, it didn’t matter. Being fevered I had some strange dreams and thoughts. Life looks quite different when you are laying on your bed and you are feeling so achy and hot with fever and the doctors words , “cancer…. blah, blah, blah….for the rest of your life…. CANCER….. icky tests….blah,blah,BLAH”,  are swirling around in your poor head! I like to think that I am a positive person, but Oh My Goodness, when you are feeling SO horrible and it is 3 o’clock in the morning, you cant sleep, the house is quiet as you are sitting is the washroom trying to keep down the only thing that you have eaten all day; one cracker, and the tears are silently falling down my cheeks…. it can be SO hard to be POSITIVE! I would say a little prayer and would start to quietly, or so quietly, sing I Am A Child of God to myself, just to make myself smile and to give myself a little inner strength.
BUT, you know what, I have been SO Blessed! Every time I thought I couldn't go any further. I mean really, I am just one rather short Ukrainian girl, how much does Heavenly Father expect me to take on in one life time!? Well, apparently, HE knows me better then I know me and oh boy, am I grateful for that!
When the specialist called me and told me that I had Cancer, I felt like I had been literally punched in the stomach and I couldn't breathe. I didn’t know what to say. So, I joked with him, telling him that he could have just sent me a Christmas Card instead. The weeks that followed… I don't know how many times I wished I could talk to my parents and tell them or just hug them. But, I couldn’t. They are gone from this world. And really I am glad that aren't here for this because it would have been so hard on them. One of the hardest things about this whole event is having to tell my children and my family.  I never ever wanted to hurt them, and you know what, in the past Cancer has hurt them. They lost grandparents and family to Cancer. So, yes, they are scared and that breaks my heart because no mom wants to cause hurt or pain to their children, do they?
But, like I mentioned I feel SO blessed. Every time I have felt alone, hurt, sad, or just can’t get of the silly couch…. my IPhone goes *DING* and guess what, its a message, comment, or email from you!!!! Or my doorbell goes *DING-DONG* and it the mailman dropping off a beautiful letter, card , handmade gift or package. Amazing people from all over the globe. People I know & people I don't know. I cant tell you the times that I have been on my knees and thanked Heavenly Father for your kindness, your amazing BIG hearts to think of this little Ukrainian Girl living on the Alberta Prairies. Your thoughtful has been SO healing and helpful not only for me, but for my family that sees your amazing thoughtfulness. I can’t ever thank-you enough. Please just know that you are always in our prayers and your artworks and crafts are forever in our home!
So, for now, my life will just revolve around doctors I guess. I am still on antibiotics and I am scheduled for more tests next week for my liver, pancreas and all those lovelies. Right after that we just go right into the procedures that I have to have every three months for the rest of my life, you know scopes, biopsies, and medicines that make you feel really icky and make you feel like you are a lab experiment.
Ahhh….. it is all good. It could be worse. Mind you some days I feel like I am turning into a purple dinosaur or like I could grow an extra head leg or eyeball! The kiddos might think that is cool! *grin*

I am alive. A little slower. But, I am alive. Every single day is a blessing! No matter how I look at it I am BLESSED!


Enjoy life! Enjoy every single minute of it. If it is sunny; smile. If it is rainy, and the rain drops are falling put on your rain boots and dance outside in a puddle. If the skies are grey, take out your paint brushes and paint your self a giant rainbow! It doesn't matter if you can can run, crawl or just lay still on days during this journey because all it takes is a smile, a hug, or shooting star to make you realize how important you are and how precious life is. There is beauty all around us in everything from the smallest detail of leaf  to  the finest colours of  morning sunrise. is everywhere. Just take a moment to slow down, breathe, and enjoy every single moment of your journey. Your really deserve it! 
Yesterday my hubbie and I celebrated our 25 anniversary! Holy Crow! I know I cant believe because I really can’t be old enough for this to be happening but everyone keeps telling me that I am. What do they know!?! huh! You know what I have realized? It really, REALLY is important to LOVE everything about your spouse and IGNORE everything that you don't love! If he does something you cant stand…just ignore it because LIFE IS TOO SHORT! Boy, I have sure learnt that one. But, it took me almost 25 years to learn it! haha!
So I made a Ukrainian Chocolate Cake for my hubbie on our anniversary.
A lot of people asked for the recipe. My mom used to make this cake for us for birthdays. This cook book has been in our family for awhile. The funny thing is that my Baba used to make the cake and then my mom found a cookbook in 1980 that actually had the recipe in it.
 So here you go. Enjoy!
Make sure you take a moment and o something to make yourself smile because you are SO worth it!
Susan xo